Saturday, March 27, 2010


Had a great morning & afternoon babysitting some cuties.

Apparently this is a great rocket ship for a 2 year-old:

Also, this makes a great fire hose for a 2 or 3 year-old:

As we ate our lunch of almond butter & honey sandwiches, oranges, 'cados, and peanut chips (pita chips),
I asked the boys what they wanted to do today.
The 2 year-old immediately said, 'Jump!'
Made me smile. We did that a month ago and then ever since then we always have to jump when I come over :) Kind of like when I taught some kids how to play hide and seek. And then we played it. every. single. week. And one of the boys hid in the dryer and then in the fireplace. Ah!

The boys took their nap about an hour and a half after I got there (score!). And I hung out with the new little guy.

Got in the car, rolled down the window and drank in the sunshine.
Drove to the library wondering what I could do this afternoon.
But that's where the fun stopped.

According to some creepy guy at the library, I look like Princess Diana.
It's too bad, you know, she DIED.

OHMYGOODNESS! I just kind of uhuh'ed really awkwardly and tried to avoid eye contact until he walked away. SO WEIRD.
I found what I needed and hightailed it out of there. Then when I got to the car I kept saying, "That was soo creepy! Creep!" and kept shivering- trying to get the yuckiness of the moment out of me.

Seriously though. What did he expect me to say?!

I did get some long anticipated cd's at the library though. And a season of ER & JAG! Woot!

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